corporate and business advice

 At ASC we help you by ensuring your business success through driving growth, creating value and attaining profitability. giving you hands-on advice on how to structure and plan your business effectively, working with you to implement strategies and monitor progress for your business to reach its full potential

We are experienced in offering advice in the areas of

    • ECM (Equity Capital Market) services including IPO
    • Financing business including Pre-IPO
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Joint Ventures
    • Di-vestments
    • Valuation
    • Forensic services
    • Business and ownership structuring
    • Strategic planning

Establishing Your Business

ASC provides tailored relationship-based services for investor and investee clients. For the latter group, ASC assists in

    • legally establishing your company
    • designing your shareholding structure
    • securing your intellectual property
    • retaining and developing packages and incentives for experts/personnel
    • preparing for external capital raising
    • promoting investor relations
    • ensuring for investment readiness including any exit strategy such as IPO or trade sale. ASC provides an investment forum for the benefit of its clients, as a meeting place between investors and investees.

Listing Services

We are active in capital raising activities, and currently have on our book mandates in excess of $200 million. Listing your company on the stock market is a major planning decision. ASC is licensed and qualified to assist you to make this decision and to bring your plan to fruition. ASC will discuss with you the entire process of listing the shares of your company, and the choice of an appropriate stock exchange for your company’s proposed listing (or dual listing) in Australia and in selected overseas countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and the USA.

What does it take to list on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)?

The requirements for listing are:

  • Sufficient Number of Shareholders

500 shareholders each holding at least A$2,000 value of shares or

400 shareholders each holding at least A$2,000 value of shares if unrelated parties hold more than 25% of the total number of shares.

  • Satisfactory Operational Requirements
  • AUD$2.0 million in net tangible assets (including amounts raised under the IPO); or
  • A market capitalization of at least AUD$10.0 million (post-IPO); or
  • Net profit after tax of AUD$1.0 million (in aggregate) over the last 3 years, and AUD$0.4 million over the last 12 months and your organization is still profitable.

We may also arrange for your company to achieve full listing status through backdoor listing.

Mergers and Acquisitions

At ASC we have the expertise to advise on the purchase, sale or merging of a business. Whether you are a business seller or a buyer or looking into SME growing opportunities, we can provide you with a wide range of services, ranging from strategic assessment of the industry and valuation services, to undertaking negotiation of deals and financing and designing binding agreement. We bring our professional expertise, thorough understanding of capital markets, and practical industry knowledge to bear on M & A work across a broad spectrum of industries. As M & A work commences with a strategic and operational audit, and identifies and focuses on key parameters and drivers influencing the client’s business. We complete our task by carefully planning the negotiation process and documenting the agreed outcome. Our services include:

  • industry analysis
  • business’s competitive advantages
  • financial performance and management
  • divestment
  • development of negotiation strategies
  • joint venture advice
  • environmental and legal issues
  • development of strategic, business and financial plans
  • balance sheet analysis and forecast
  • recommendation of financial structure
  • business valuation

About Our Forums
What the Forums Can Do for Investors, SMEs and Advisors

  • An investment forum that is a meeting place for all to discuss real investment and joint venture opportunities
  • Participants of the forum come from Australia and across the world
  • Information relating to SMEs professionally reviewed and presented
  • A wealth of opportunities in our database
  • Professional advice on business structure and valuation
  • Range of corporate advice services relevant to mergers and acquisitions.

For Investors

  • The forum provides discerning investors opportunities to invest in fast growing small and mid-size enterprises.
  • Participants of the forum come from Australia and across the world.

For Businesses

  • The forum facilitates meeting of potential equity investors and joint venture partners.
  • Our unique services develop business investment readiness and enhance shareholder value.

Investor Forum
Investors Welcome

  • The investment forum provides investors with the vehicle to source and select investments, consistent with their objectives.
  • Immediate access to your profile, to update your investment criteria and objectives.
  • Your details are secured and will not be released to anyone else without your consent.

How It Works – for Investors

  • Assess to our forum showcasing investment opportunities.
  • ASC ensures that information provided by businesses will be useful and relevant to investors.
  • Only those businesses matching the objectives and preferences of the investor are selected from our database for review.
  • ASC allows the investor to remain anonymous unless consented to by the parties.

Guide for Investors

  • You may be need to review detail information yourself or together with your advisers, for example, financial statements, a business plan, information about ownership of intellectual or industrial property, and expert opinions including valuations and auditors’ reports.
  • Do you wish to assume any roles such as directorship?
  • Are there any particular industries in which you are interested or not interested?
  • What is the length of time you wish to hold the investment?
  • What is the range of investment amount you are willing and able to put into a single investment?
  • Can you define the levels of risk you are prepared to take?
  • The information contained in the investment forum about any proposed business opportunity and the securities or scheme interests is not intended to be the only information on which the investment decision is made and is not a substitute for a Product Disclosure Statement or any other documents that may be required under the Corporations Act.

Business Forum
Capital Raising for Businesses

  • An avenue to advertise business to potential investors and joint venture partners.
  • Access to an extensive network of investors, spanning across Australia and Asia Pacific.
  • Assistance in preparing information memorandum or prospectus useful and relevant to investors.
  • Businesses will be actively promoted.
  • Businesses remain anonymous unless consented to by the owners/ directors.
  • Please contact us for more information.

How It Works – for Businesses

  • Forum showcases your business to potential investors
  • Consultation is available with ASC advisers
  • Your business information is only distributed to those investors who have indicated matching preferences
  • You are encouraged to advise us of any significant achievements for dissemination.
  • ASC reserves the right to reject any business proposal or request modifications to any business proposal for our investment forum.

We also offer additional professional services

  • Business planning and marketing
  • Investment readiness assessment and development
  • Referral to business migrants as potential investors
  • Legal compliance advice
  • On-going commercial and financial advice and introductions
  • Invitation to investment seminars