Opportunities with ASC

 Pacific OTC Board provides a platform for direct investment into some of Australia’s most exciting small
& medium sized businesses

Stories about a clever inventor or a hard working entrepreneur making themselves and their investors rich by successfully floating their business on the stock market have been heard many times and are so exciting. However for such a long time it has been stifled in Australia by the lack of available capital to the SME sector. Banks are too timid to lend and there’s not enough fees for most Venture Capital firms. Pacific OTC Board can now do it. Here, the savvy investors and the owners of some of the country’s most exciting small and medium sized companies are brought together. It is a revolution guided by the law that SME’s can finance their growth and the investors can seek unrivaled capital growth potential. So, if you are interested in any investment opportunities, please click here to register first so that you can get more details.