• Australian Securities Company (Int’l) P/L (“ASC”) provides financial services to both wholesale and retail clients. ASC generally provides only general advice to retail clients unless stated otherwise in writing. General advice does not consider your particular needs and requirements.
  • In the case of initial public offering for shares, ASC does not act as licensed financial services provider for the issuing company (“company”), and only refers investors to the company or its licensed financial services for the prospectus and other information the company provides.
  • Different individuals may interpret different aspects of the investment differently depending on their own circumstances. You should seek your own advice before accepting any investment or advice.
  • ASC may have interests in the company issuing the shares it recommends or refers to, and may receive from the company fees or commissions for its recommendation or referral in the amount of 5 to 10% of the fund invested.
  • Any ASC information provided (whether expressly written or oral) is of the nature of factual or general information and neither purports nor intends to be specific or personal investment advice, unless so stated in writing. Any information should not be considered as an offer or enticement to buy, sell or trade.
  • ASC cannot and do not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss, claims, demands or damage whatsoever that may arise directly, or indirectly, as a result of any reliance, placed upon any information, inclusive but not limited to, website, email, and any material in any form (whether expressly written or oral).
  • Clients not satisfied with our services should write to our Complaint Officer. ASC will acknowledge your complaint in writing and endeavor to resolve your problem as soon as practicable. If we are unable to resolve your complaint, you may contact the Financial Ombudsman Service Limited (FOS) directly on 1300 780 808 or visit www.fos.org.au.

Issued on 1-11-2007 by:
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