ASC Migration Services

 We offer the most efficient and up to date migration advice to achieve the best result for our clients

We can assist you with various types of applications including:

  • Permanent Residence Visas
    • Employer nomination
    • Business skills
    • Family migration
  • Temporary Residence Visas
    • Long stay business visas for business or skilled applicants
    • Visitor visas or short stay business visas
  • Student Visas

In some instances people who have had an immigration application refused may have the decision reviewed. We can assist with the whole spectrum of appeals including appeals to the Migration Review Tribunal, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the Federal Court and the High Court.

  • Discussing with you about your needs
  • Offering advice on the most appropriate visa type tailored to your circumstances
  • Explaining to you the criteria and providing you with a list of documentation that will best represent your case
  • Review all your documents to ensure that your application fully complies with the legal requirements of the Australian Immigration Authorities