ASC has a relationship with a number of consultants who can provide a range of valuation services in all industries

How We Can Help

ASC can arrange the following services

Independent expert report for: public company takeovers, shareholder approved acquisitions, related party transactions, compulsory acquisition of minority shareholdings
Fair and reasonable opinion on : Corporations Act, Australian Stock Exchange Listing Rules, Corporate governance requirements

Minority interests valuation for: Corporate restructure and shareholder disputes, Minority shareholder oppression litigation
Business acquisitions and divestments: Formulating or offering price ranges, Undertaking financial due-diligence investigations, Calculating the value of goodwill

Corporate restructure in: Calculating assessable values in transactions for stamp duty purposes. Succession planning: Assisting in the fair distribution of family wealth. Assessing the cost base of assets and liability to tax on disposal in capital gains tax. Forensic services: Valuation as part of the assessment of damages in a litigation, Family law property settlement, Commercial law litigation

The experts specialise in a variety of technical disciplines to provide litigants in their preparation
for court proceedings. For example establishing the economic basis of your claim or defence,  reviewing the other party’s financial expert report,  providing tax implications advice on settlement or award, analyzing the financial implication of dissenting Shareholder Rights


Valuation Services

Valuation of business enterprises
Valuation of debt and equity securities


Valuation Services

Valuation of intangible assets
Valuation of research & development


Various Situations

Business financing
Mergers and acquisitions
litigation support


Independent Expert

Public company takeovers
Shareholder approved acquisitions

Forensic Services

An area of expertise that involves legal, accounting, taxation and economic analysis.
It may require the application of various disciplines to valuation of businesses,
economic assessment of claims, and financial analysis and investigation
ASC has a database of experts who can provide forensic
services in the following areas of law:

  • Commercial and Corporate Litigation

  • Insolvency Litigation

  • Family Law

  • Insurance Law

  • Medical Claims